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What Should I look for on a CBD label?

January 16, 2020
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Checking labels in the store is a pretty standard practice for the health curious amongst us. From the contents of our face creams to the ratios of ingredients in our favorite snacks, labeling is crucial in our choices and a huge part of educating the consumer. So, what’s in a label?

CBD Potency Explained

The first thing to look at, in our opinion, is the amount of CBD milligrams in the bottle. The number of milligrams is the strength of the CBD in the product. So the higher the number, the higher the potency. Our 30ml Nourish Nectar & Replenish Nectar products clock in as our most potent, at 1500mg.

Understanding CBD Dosage

Now that we went over the importance of lab testing, let’s look at understanding CBD dosages. Here is a simple formula; we’ll use our Mood Juice 1000mg as an example. If you have a 30ml CBD tincture with 1000mg, and each dose is 1ml, it is an easy equation!

1000 (mg) / 30 (amount of doses in bottle) = 33.33mg per 1ml dose!

CBD Label Regulations

The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act is a U.S law that applies to many consumer products. This act states that a label should contain three main elements; The identity of the product, the name and place of the manufacturer, packer or distributor, and the net quantity of contents. When it comes to CBD products, clear labeling can’t be more critical, and although State laws can vary, it is crucial that consumers are educated on what to look for. It is essential to companies who want to stay compliant with State guidelines too.

The Office of Manufactured Cannabis Safety (OMCS) has proposed a number of regulations. A full list of these regulations can be found by clicking here. Xtend5 product has zero THC (the mind-altering compound found in marijuana), and our labels communicate the full list of ingredients, including the CBD content in milligrams. Our packaging is designed in accordance with child safety and resistance in mind; packaging laws also note that CBD companies may not make any claims about the health or physical benefits of CBD.

Although we aim to educate the consumer on the research, we never make any medical claims. Our passion is to convey the possible therapeutic qualities of CBD and share more about the other ancient ingredients which work with the body to increase bioavailability.

So if you are asking yourself “What should I look for on a CBD label?” remember this. With the ever-growing CBD market, products are springing up all over the place. Regulations are in place to guard and guide the consumer, and knowing what to look for is vital. recently released an in-depth look at what’s on a label, and we have provided that link here. It talks about dosage, touches on the labeling laws, and shares about what CBD ingredients to avoid. Know what to look for and be confident that you are making the best choice for you.

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