We have been learning even more during this worldwide pandemic just how many superpowers mothers have. Some have been adopting new roles like home-school mom, adapting to the constant need for lockdown snacks, teaching about patience and compassion, and generally coming alongside their kids during this time of uncertainty.

Here at XTEND5 we believe that celebrating mother’s day is as much about her as it is about resourcing the whole family, after all, a happy family has the potential to allow mom a little more quiet “time out” and self-care.

XTEND5 products are blends designed to look after our insides by addressing inflammation and interacting with various receptors in our brains and bodies to support anxiety relief, respond to stress, in numerous forms, and support the immune system.

Our morning and evening blends in both CBA and CBD oils are rich in ancient ingredients. They are all aimed at specifically increasing the bioavailability we have to absorb vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. As they support inflammation reduction, the immune system can function in a healthier way. As the brain’s neurons respond to CBD and CBA with calm energy, brain fog1 can reduce, stress and anxiety can be eased2 and both women and men, mom’s and dad’s, can find themselves to be clearer-headed and more present to the everyday needs of the family.

Our founder Ruth, a mom to three children, also developed a range of CBA products for kids. These products come in the form of Calma Llama, a calming roll-on oil and Sleepy Sloth, a sleep aid. Both of these products contain CBA, which is light, grounding, and safe for kids, and could be just the support they need during this unsettling time, meaning our moms get the time out they need this Mothers Day too.

XTEND5 Creator Ruth Fernandez

So, to all our mothers, “may your coffee be stronger than your toddler,” and may you have all the grace and strength you need to continue in these days ahead. Why not make mother’s day by investing in XTEND5 products, designed to resource the whole family!

Happy Mothers Day Ruth!

-XTEND5 Team

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