The team at XTEND5 has been taking a look at the complexities of our immune system. We have been looking at how it works as a layered defense system1 that supports us on a cellular level. In this blog we will walk you through each layer and what role it plays in protecting. We will also discuss what we can do to enhance and promote a healthy immune system.

Our immune system has a layered strategy of three primary defenses. The first line of defense is the initial physical layer; this is created by the skin and mucous membrane. The skin acts as a physical barrier that has tightly packed cells that regularly shed. The skin also contains oil and sweat glands. Sweat contains antibodies, and the oil in the skin has antimicrobial properties. These bodily functions are there to eliminate waste and protect the skin as well.

The other first line of defense in our bodies is the mucous membranes. The digestive tract, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, and even the eye are all lined with mucous membranes. The mucus catches pathogens and eliminates them, for example, in the respiratory tract, cilia, which are fine little hairs, can propel foreign substances up towards the throat where they get swallowed. It is then near impossible for these pathogens to survive the acidity of the stomach.2

The second line of defense is when our bodies create a non-specific immune response. This process includes some immune cells, inflammation, as a response to ‘foreign’ pathogens, and maybe even a fever.

The third line of defense is when the innate and adaptive immune system produces a response to a specific pathogen. This line of defense creates an immune memory. Inflammation is like an alarm in the body, which is a non-specific defense response to tissue damage. Chronic inflammation is when there is a continued presence of inflammation, which is associated with many diseases.

70% of the immune system begins in the gut, and this is why it is so important to keep the balance of good bacteria in check. The immune tissue found in the gut, and the gut flora (healthy microbes) must be in a healthy relationship and balance for a supported immune system to thrive.

So, how can we support this intricate layered defense system? Well, as the immune tissue is found throughout our gut we must pay attention to our probiotic and prebiotic intake as well as supplement our system to detox and increase bioavailability.

There is an abundance of herbs, spices, and minerals that make XTEND5 Nourish Nectar Morning Blend CBA and Replenish Nectar Night Blend CBA blends work in synergy to not only support the immune system and the reduction of inflammation but also increase bioavailability in the immune tissue found in our gut.

Our night blends here at XTEND5, in both CBD and CBA, both contain the dynamic mineral that is POTASSIUM3. Our cells are full of potassium; in fact, 98% of potassium found in the body is in our cells. 80% of this is found in our muscle cells, while the other 20% is found in our bones, red blood cells, and liver4! Potassium is excellent at balancing fluids in our bodies, and it is a huge support for healthy bones.

The other mineral found in our CBD and CBA evening blends is MELATONIN5. Known for its sleep aid properties this mineral is naturally produced by the body. As a supplement, it supports both our innate and cellular immunity and also supports the immune response as a whole. We also know, of course, that the right amount of sleep is a massive piece of the puzzle when it comes to a well supported immune system.

The layered defense system shows us a stunning approach to how our body responds to foreign pathogens. We must continue to support our immune system on a macro and micro level with a balanced diet, exercise, and enough sleep. We can also help the layered defense system by taking advantage of supplements that enhance the bioavailability of our gut to make the most of the nutrients ingested in the first place.

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